Director K. V. Anand has been giving continuous commercial success. Kavan is one such film. The film revolves around media and emphasis of the tools, namely simple and micro devices used by the media to shoot. The film starts with thilak (Vijay sethupathy) dreaming about his ex girl friend malar played by madona sabastin. Initially Vijay sethupathy traps us all in his unusually charismatic hair do, and madona with her cute and bubbly nature. The plot starts when Vijay sethupathy joins Zen TV. The first day of his work has a political party protesting against his office. While inside the office it’s all about sensation and trp ‘S. Vijay serhupathy who shoots all this in his phone earns a good name but then realises that the video has been edited. The scenario continuoues in every case. Later he realises that the channel has been working for with allience of a politician who has been indulging in lots of Mal practice. Vijay sethupathy makes use of the live interview and questions him while exposing his face. This raises a conflict between the Duo. The channel change the scenario and fires Vijay sethupathy along with malar and his friends. Who later joins TR and his channel. They don’t just renovate his channel but also end up exposing the face of zen TV. What will happen to the channel who will win the scenario forms the climax. The songs are the main attraction of the movie. The movie shows how media plays a role of a double edged sword
Vijay sethupathy who gave out his first film of the year has surely impressed kollywood audience with his wonderful performance. Medona on the other side plays a bold and dotting girl friend of Vijay sethupathy. The scene where the film showcase power star and his talent deserves a special mention. The camera and editing has come out well presenting us a colourful visuals.
Bgm and songs by hip hop tamizah also deserves a special mention as the bgm and songs stay fresh packed with a powerful punch
Pros: everything! Cons: nothing rating : 3.5/5

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