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3 Lakh For The First Time In Tamil Cinema ” Olatatam ‘Name Engraved Pens Theaters Crew Has To Offer.

Empire Film Festival Director olatatam that spoke Tamil and save. Details of which are as follows:
Cinemas Black Pepper Red Chili on behalf of the company that has produced and acted in the film ‘Man of Netaji olatatam Duke. Ramani iyakkiyullavar film. It would highlight the corruption of the medical world has developed as a medical thriller.
In a bid to cover the film `olatatam fried 3 million pens are distributed in theaters. The induction ceremony took place in the grand pen launch Prasad Lab. Bhagyaraj directors, Empire, Venkatesh was released in the presence of giant pen. “ Tamila Tamil signing in theaters when the pen returns to the campaign committee boat.
“Olatatam” Speaking on the occasion, Director of the Empire
“Here is the Bhagyaraj sir thumbnails encourage these thumbnails of the ceremonies attending the varukiraritu good thing. Similarly him that I learned good thing I knew, he told them, and name calling. Such a name, when you say the name will pronounce the love kutukiratunerukkamum emerge. Today, in Tamil signature reservations That will try to begin. Tamil Nadu tamilantan rule, should not that many parties voices. Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and this voice does not arise .. Due to the need for it here. Here. Foreign-language dominant hawk as the overhead vattamatikkiratu tamil language, kolikkuncukalaip as the save has to be. Today, builds Sadly The first has to save the Tamil and lube lube than ppatai no reason. That is why we have to ask yourself that will put signature in Tamil. Tamil Tung sign that the trend is sad to hear such a condition.
Attiyavaciyamakivittana medicine today is the cell phone. This is to the detriment of both tarupavaimaruntai
The film is centered by the need to win. “Thus spoke Empire.
Director Bhagyaraj Speaking
“Tamil is always that I will sign. Kacokalilum hall in Tamil will sign, but in Tamil signature dropping Tamil growing Will? I’m China when the English for workers is that they all munnerittan there. English-speaking persons seeking pitikaka need .I was there when the communication C Ramam had been. Recently a telunkuppatat filming in Cambodia had to go. Appatippona there when the English did not know the communication problem, I’m halfway to the city, and had to return. My pasporttila Seal lay out of the question that was the problem. It’s not just the airport myself as a criminal held …
There are many issues that do not speak English, so knowing some natukalila araciyalpurvamana activities unless Tamil and save.
Congratulations to ippatamverri. “Thus spoke Bhagyaraj.
When speaking of the hero Duke Netaji film producer,
“I do theater to extract the end-users with something new story will take off the thought. In 2013, a drug and all its material is incorrect, that the news came. And therefore was prohibited. Some time later, the same drug that blocked the firing that came across the advertisement. Itaiyila What happened? It thought about This story was created.
The food items we eat nammitama about awareness, we will not tell us much about the prohibited drugs in circulation are free to get drugs to be made aware of this, not here. We are a pharmaceutical company receives permission to film parts of the country patametuttullom 8.
U Answer 5 Fight, there are 2 songs. Now here is one thing you need to register a new photo shoot those who are taking the fight. But it is so difficult to publish. Oscillates in a meeting here to trick us. Kiltilo Producer, Film cemparilo, producer cankattilo memparaki that are a producer. I want to help you to release the film are ataikkatti. Onrumeceyya put a deal to us, they can not pitunkukirarkal money. But the money are milked. They told me I ullanaippatippatta emarrappattatarku sources cult to remove from the union. Such as the manufacturer’s wares are plagued stuck with me. The cult cinema is the cinema of the items virattin. Trichy, Coimbatore and Madurai in Tamil name engraved pens olatatam three million Salem, Tirunelveli, Chennai Chengalpattu theaters will offer the pen. It is a pleasure for us to make a fresh attempt to try enrarnayakanum, filmmaker, Duke of Netaji.
Samira heroine of the film festival, natikar visnupiriyan, Image villain vinayakaraj, tamilamutavan poet, performer palampika, dealers AFMC cekar, co-producer Arun Ramaswamy, piaro Union spoke with Secretary of Peru attended tulaci Palanivel.

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