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 Cast          : Suriya,Samantha,Vidyut Jamwal,Soori
 Director : Lingusamy
 Music      : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Anjaan – or to define the film precisely, we can certianly call it an out and out entertainer just like director Lingusamy has promised. The film that boasts a grand opening across the globe is getting all praises for its impeccable screenplay penned by Lingusamy and it’s noteworthy that it indeed had the right kind of impact.
Anjaan revolves around a young chap Krishna (Suriya) who travels to find his brother Raju (again played by Suriya). On his arrival, Krishna encounters a few people and learns the whereabouts of Raju and thus he comes to know about his brother’s close buddy Chandru (Vidyut Jamwal) and his sweetheart Jeeva (Samantha).
The plot swiftly moves to the flashback and Krishna learns about the life of his brother Raju Bhai and his friendship with Chandru through various people. In this course, he discovers that his brother and his close pal are killed. Now who murdered the two and why did they? Will Krishna be able to fins out and seek revenge? As all these questions rises, the second hour surprises us with a lot of twists and turns. Well, it’s no surprise that Suriya is a master actor and this films presents him with the opportunity of establishing himself as a mass actor as well. The actor plays both the roles extremely well which are very much different. While Krishna is the silent and helpless guy throughout the movie, Raju Bhai is the action hero who captivates the hearts of commercial cinema-goers. Suriya has superbly exhibited is acting skills in action secenes, his romantic sequences with Samantha and his emotions as a friend towards Vidyut. Samantha looks even more gorgeous than her previous flicks and with Anjaan, she certainly gets a meaty role to play. Vidyut Jamwal, who is best known for his villainous roles plays a positive role in this movie and his character becomes the importanr issue in this movie.
 It is worth mentioning that Vidyut’s performance is a highlight and his friendship with Raju Bhai is a heart touching one. As villain role is portrayed by Manoj Bajpai, his dialogue delivery, body language and the tactics he uses to escape Suriya is quite impressive. Though Soori has very little to do in the film, his comedy sequences sends ripples of laughter across the audiences. While Santosh Sivan captures some of the best sequences in the film, Yuvan Shankar Raja has done a good job and the songs and background scores enhances the film.
To cap it all, the first half of Anjaan offers plenty of entertainment and the second half surprises us with several turns and twists. While Lingusamy has helmed the film, Anjaan is produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Thirrupathi Brothers. Verdict – Anjaan, the Entertainment of the year!

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