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(Araciyal)Makkal Neethi Maiam’s “Idhu Nammavr Padai” Songs Launch News & Stills

People’s Justice Center, “This is our army,” the songs will be released today. Songwriter, poet and actor Snehan the lines, the 6-song set by music composer tajnur “People Justice Center,” the party’s leader, Hassan issued Padma.
Election Commission authorized parties in line with the “People’s Justice Center” which was held in conjunction with this ceremony, which was performed for the first party, the party attended by all the members of the delegation.
This function is releasing the track cirappuraiyarriya Kamal, “ours is that you and me would mean. In the future, garlands, ponnataikalaiyum we want to avoid. Shift reach towards that signal it will be. Coming in the way some of the banners seen. Our roads Banners placing people and hinder us to May. The Wall’m saying take them immediately. They’re then just buying time allowed by the law, revealed that banners placed. However, you should know us by sticky posters, through our actions we know you want to.
Single nulaikkuta (thread), my parents told me not to, but here proudly wear the Gandhian karuppaiya thread tied beam. The reason for this is the white khadi thread tying sent package. India had helped sew the thread it separately.
Makatmakkalai people are looking at Parliament. That is, the old frog in the well. In your streets, Mahatma Look around you and be found. So all the people they are individually’s Justice Center. The reason we do not want to create cadres, leaders want to create.
This is the stain of the state today, yesterday untanatillai. It stains made half a century. People’s Justice Center tutaitteriyave all of them. People 50 years and beyond, the Center for Justice will prevail. We put together all of the appropriate seed. “He said.
This is our first line of lyrics Force
1. Force Force Force
2. The destiny of Tamil Nadu
3. The People’s Justice Center Center
4. Aalavandhan alapporan
5. The man in me
6. Country Current cariyillata

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