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The story is about a large family that wants to sell their ancestral home, an Aranmanai (palace). The supernatural elements they discover in the Aranmanai lead to some scary moments.The interval block proves that there is a ghost in the house. And post interval in a flashback it is revealed that a spirit is seeking revenge against the villains who ruined her life.

The family gives the director an excuse to have a large cast Hansika, Santhanam, Vinay, Andrea, Rai Lakshmi, Manobala, Kovai Sarala, Nithin Satya, Saravanan and others, who have a jolly good time. The film is more a comedy than a genuine horror film. The first half story does not move as it is totally devoted to Santhanam, Manobala and Kovai Sarala comedy tracks, while the second half has more supernatural thrills including a long drawn out climax, straight out of a ‘Amman ‘ film.

Hansika looks quite comfortable in her rustic look and gives an admirable performance. Andrea too is excellent, Laxmi is as glamorous as ever. But Vinay Rai seems miscast. After delivering hits like Kalakalappu and Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru, Sundar C seems to have let his fans down with this cliché-ridden supernatural thriller. The narration moves at a slow pace and horror moments are practically non-existent.

Even the Aranmanai, around which the entire story revolves, is not impressive.

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