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Bench Flicks turned Swaminathan to ‘Zombinathan’

As a human being, everyone will have a wish. For some, it may come true during their living days… but for some it won’t. What, if a spirit seeks the help of an ordinary youngster to fulfill his wish… it can be revealed by Bench Flix’s twenty nine minutes short film titled ‘Zombienathan’. It has to be said that Bench Flix, one of the leading short film promoters has marked their own identity by showcasing Quality short films. ‘Zombinathan’, directed by NJ Noel is an another remarkable choice by Bench Flix.
We have seen Zombies that took over the world… We have seen Zombies that feed on humans… We have seen Zombies that drink only blood…We have seen Zombies that crawls crazy…But, are these their whole agenda? There is something more than those factors which can be seen in the short film ‘Zombinathan’. The Audience can love him and hate him, but they can never ignore him…That is Zombinathan.z1 z2 z3 z4 z6

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