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Blimbe did a Great job # 24 Premiere show

Celebs in the Selfie Booth of Blimbe 13087924_1757283407817386_5452617218149874502_n 13124710_1757283317817395_4713597437817083561_n 13173798_1757283087817418_4718771480807140151_n 13177560_1757305711148489_6842491698667629296_n 13179447_1757323134480080_4583491455398367604_nthe 24 Premiere show much. Vignesh Shiva, Lingusamy, Pa.Ranjith, Santosh Narayan and many celebrities were present in the premiere show of 24 while Surya and Jo have flew all way to Canada to watch the Premiere show. And Surya is back with a bang ! After Ghajini it is 24! No before Ghajini !! Surya summer has started !!

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