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Bobby Simha as Villain for Chiyaan Vikram in “Sami 2”

Actor Bobby Simha has been chosen to act as a villain for Chiyaan Vikram in “Sami 2”. Director Hari said “Actor Vikram Sir is not only as good hero but also a good performer which makes is his unique identity. The villain for him should also be a good perform as well in order to compensate Vikram. That’s why we chose Bobby Simha to act as a villain in this movie.
The villain character ‘Perumal Pechai’ will be strong in the first part of the “Sami” film. The villain character has been created ten times as strong and clever than the ‘Perumal’ sculpture in “Sami 2″ now. Bobby Simha’s new incarnation will take place in this character. ”
It is worth mentioning that ‘Chiyaan Vikram’ and ‘Bobby Simha’ are national actors.

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