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Bogan movie review

The movie seems to be greatly inspired by faceoff, an Hollywood film starring Nicholas cage and John travolta who swap themselves. the film starts with Adithya played by aravind swamy who is addicted to worldly pleasures, his body Language clearly conveys the badass is here to rip. Just like thani oruvan which has two extremes fighting this movie has the same. the camera moves to the local country pub area where the lungi clad jayam Ravi dances to a local tune that almost splits our ears as the camera pans he becomes a smart assistant commissioner. The story now is a fight between a super good corp with an Adorable family versus a crook who does anything for money. As the trailor clearly reveals the movie spots aravind swamy and jayam Ravi swapping their bodies. The two extremes meet again. Try to out smart each other becoming unstoppable then ever! In meantime to add essence of Tamil film the cute hansika falls for him. Bogan is a fitting title of two dual personalities.
While jayam Ravi has done a neat work on screen he has clearly tried to imitate aravind swamy and has over come the role of chocolate boy and has etched an image of a strong hero
Hansika’ s role in this movie seems little limited while aravind swamy has played a badass rocking again just like thani oruvan he has yet again stole hearts
Verdict: A straight forward corp and badass exchange their roles and clash with each other. Worth watching!
Pros: the cast.
And the music
Con: the story

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