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Boomerang Press Release

R on behalf of Pigs spices. Kannan preparing to run, atarva Murali, Megha Akash, a film by casting Hinduja ‘pumaran’. Ratan has composed the film’s music launch ceremony was held in Chennai. The music of the film takattinai Kalaipuli S Thanu, catyajoti Thiagarajan release, received by Maniratnam and camuttirakani. Before seeing the trailer of the film crew congratulated director Mani Ratnam.
Kannan Mani Ratnam came from the school, learned well the art. So magnificently produced and directed his own image. Keep him as soon as possible to produce a film producer Kalaipuli S Thanu.
I have two people in this film are introduced. From a young age, when home Murli atarva know me very well. Director Badri Venkatesh told a story, he said that he can act atarvavai. Bana emerged that the kite image. Each film has to polish skills. Director Kannan worked as first assistant director to Manobala. Good excel at that time. Then I worked with Mani sir. After telling a story of the self-confidence to come to me, I wanted to produce the film. He debuted in the joy of my banner. He said producers catyajoti Thiagarajan director.
Last year he and I tantiran image, eye tayarittiruntom together. To win the big picture, but for some unavoidable reasons, the victory was out of hand. A few months we were in trouble. At the time of this pumaran atarva given the chance. Most important is the support of the Director of the actors. The film was released at the right time to win the biggest producer Dhananjaya said.
I went to see the shooting crescent Bangalore, catyajoti Thyagarajan seen queuing memories at this moment, at this stage, according to varukiratutittamitta remember, the shooting will take place in the elegant manner. Kannan Madras Talkies pet. In our company’s stock may be too much for any one event. He was very much a sense of humor. You want to be your favorite director. In the first 25 years of my life with Kamal, spent the next 30 years with Mani Ratnam. They have faced problems. 2 picture Kamal movie is being released today. Atarva your talents, you know, there is no need to prove yourself to anyone, even after seeing the trailer of the film, Mani Ratnam and what it did not find that the sample image. This is the first success of the film Maniratnam said.
If the film is in the eye, cheek and I kissed arrived as assistant director to Mani sir. Kannan’s just say I was a senior, but it is true. I have already directed the film, when I was director tayarippaki is the next step, this is the biggest success of his labor will unmaiyama director Milind Rao said.
Kannan is my friend, and our friendship has continued since his time as assistant director. In the last film to be made available did not get a win, it will be available in this film director camuttirakani.
Kannan very sharp. First ellattulayum too. Tell him that Maggie Kannan. I’m starring in 15 films, some of which were even without pantave atarva’s hero. Kannan, just as important to you as your favorite director, actor Ravi Maria thought would do without hesitation.
Sir Ivan tantiran Kannan know how difficult the course of the film, adding that the success of this film. Man’s need for a director to support the course. Jayam Ravi in the movie, like the support given to me vanamakan, here are happy to think that he has been very supportive atarva said Vijay.
I want to have as many picture-taking Kannan, lyrics, lyricist and a composer known Ratan respect. Mani sir is my favorite director. I wrote the songs for the film, I was very fond of my nativity song. We tried to speak to other issues in the song about the farm problem, given the chance, thanks to Sir Kannan said Vivek songwriter.
This is the most important issue now is talking pumaran. Arms like writing a song in the film, the song Jana Gana’s marriage to this “country” song. Even with all the work and put it on his shoulders, and their image given. Since we can start saving water at home. Waste water, even for a short period and then the water shortage. Memes potaravanka to be responsible for a little of everything, and the people who saw the actor said Satish pannatinka Memes Sher.
I will act in the second film directed by Kannan. The director is very smart. A director will give more freedom to the actors. Today, the most important reason I atarva elkeji film’s cast. He’s telling me to act like you’re a movie star untinar. If you have a friend living a happy ending Samudrakani model. What is the big idea to ask all actors varrinkanu say, everyone is sure to comment at the present time, RJ Balaji said.
I do not know much about the film tankacciya natikkirappo meyata deer, that it’s going to bring us to a good place. You fine, irukkinkanu prettier than me and, well, I am very happy to say natikkirinakanu heroine Hinduja said.
I am a Tamil boy. At the time I was ill, my mother, was unable to play music. Kannan sir, but I’m not Wait, are you saying that the music did not believe me. Composer AR Rahman is the reason I have become the most important. When Rose heard the song I was a kid, and he said to me, the greatest composer Ratan Inspiration.
We have good, bad, whatever it is that one day arrive pumaran ourselves. It is true that the director Kannan producers. Saying that the image of the end of 50 days, 43 days and has completed the fastest image. Group of abundant labor. He gave us complete freedom. Will be produced and with full attention. Ratan’s the composer of the film Kannan was determined. Where are our Telugu composer Ratan Strain to a stone that has come away happy for me. Man playing with them and I am proud Suhasini Murali atarva.
Release of victory in 2008, became, in 2018 pumaran today. So far, a total of 7 films. Guru Mani Ratnam Thiagarajan catyajoti he introduced me, gave me the first opportunity to be a matter of pride. The turning point of my life Suhasini met them. After the film, a film about the lion and the youngest pumaran agriculture. Despite the loss of 130 million people in the agricultural sector as a sector. The picture speaks for it. Camuttirakani friendship and respect for the man. The desire to continue my friendship with him throughout life. Regular Bombay heroine, Anna Nagar, Chennai without having to act as the lead girl. Ratan composer in Tamil cinema will come to a round. It kamerciyal film, the director said it would be a good idea for the film Kannan.
Akash Megha heroine of the ceremony, producer Kathiresan, nanavelraja, Ram Prasad, director R. K. Saravanan, Murugesan, Erode collector connectedness, cinematographer S. Kumar Prasanna, art director Shiv Yadav, the influential editor, Venkat Subha attended also spoke.

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