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Thodari Review

Thodari is one of the most expected film as it created a huge buzz as the star dusted actor danush who’s critics have been expecting a film without commercial element. The story starts with a train journey of an express from delhi to chennai carrying a politician, played by radharavi. …

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Iraivi – review

Women have always played a vital role through out a guys life. The director has experimented with the saying ” behind every successful men there is a women”. The story starts three women who has dreams about their future. The actual plot starts with a director whose film is stuck …

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Marudhu – Review

Sri Divya has played a wonderful role we can also call it one of the best roles of hers as she expresses everything clearly without chaos, she plays a very brave girl who carries the ladies sentiment forward. The best role in the movie would be of the appatha character …

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’24’-Movie Review

Time is one of the most important element in every ones life. When time can be reversed, mistakes can be undone ! Vikram kumar has not just given the story with perfect presentation but has also added a hint of masala to suit the south Indian preference and conveyed it …

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