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Chiyangal is a fun script with older people in the lead

The film revolves around elderly people. “Though the film throws light on how we treat the elderly, the treatment of the subject is light-hearted. We have not taken the short film/documentary approach; this is a fun, commercial film with a message. It is more like Varuthapadatha Mudhiyor Sangam,” elaborates Balan.

This film has Karikalan, Risha, Nalinikanth and Pasupathy Raja — newcomers all — in the lead roles. Balan adds, “The film has been shot in and around Theni and Meghamalai. In fact, in and around that area, in the local dialect, old people are referred to as chiyangal. The film talks about the problems they face and how the society looks at them. Today, many people run around for work so much that they fail to notice their parents’ or grandparents’ needs. The film also delves into the lives of the old people, their wishes, and more. But like I mentioned before, it won’t be preachy.”

Balan, who has earlier worked as an associate with Sasikumar, is happy about the reception he got for his debut film. “People supported my debut. I hope they like this film, too. We are very excited to have launched the first look today. We are planning to release the film by end of next month,” says Balan. The music is by Muthamizh.

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