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Death Waiting for me for “Noota”; Vijay Thevarakonda I talked to Telugu speaking to Vijay Devarakonda ” Anand Shankar ..

‘Notta’ is produced by K. Gnanavel Raja on behalf of Studio Green Company. Arjun Reddy and Geeta Govindham is the heroine of the film by Vijay Devarakonda. Sansna Nadarajan is the heroine. Sathyaraj in the main role Anand Shankar is directing the film, which is directed by Nasser and MS Babar.

Composer Sam C.S. The audio launch ceremony and press conference of the film will be held this evening at Saligramam Prasad Label. In this event, Vijay Devarakonda, Satyaraj hero Sansna and Picasa fame Yashika, Nasser, MS Bhaskar, director Anand Shankar, composer Sam CS and filmmaker Raymond Derek Krosta participated in this event.

MS Bhaskar, speaking on this occasion, said, “Anand Shankar has given me a good reputation for the fans to keep in mind, He has given a similar character as well. Many years after the Militari film, I am happy to be partnered with Sathyaraj. I was disappointed with the film’s hero Vijay Devarakonda as if I do not know Telugu. Then, when he came to know the truth, he cursed me. He has spoken dubbed in Tamil for the film. ”

Actor Nasser said, “I’ve acted in a very strong role after a long time. It will be the film that tastes the act of acting. I was afraid to talk to me in the film dual film .. But I was afraid that he would say something like this in the movie .. But as I thought, It was a political movie, and we were surprised to see that the occasion would have been similar to the occasion when we shot a shot. ”

Sansna said, “Anand Shankar has acted in the short film and has acted in the next series of films that have somehow found myself in this role. Similarly, producer Gnanavel Raja thanked me for trusting me. ”

Music composer Sam Css said, “For Anand Shankar, the songs will be reduced to the background and focus on background music. I am easily set to be the same bandwidth. Those who watch the background of the film will start believing in me that he will do different things. From the beginning to the end of the card, the director told us the things that have affected us, we are faced with. ”

Sathyaraj spoke, “Manivannan was the only director of the daring film to take up the current politics. Anand Shankar is the director of this film like the silence of the film and the film has put in a new style in the film. I usually speak in a different language. It is a difficult thing to do. I thought it would be easy to write Telangana Tamil for Telugu version of the film. But one day I tried to talk to the original Telugu. But the hero of this film, Vijay Tevarakonda, spoke with the beautiful Tamil accent and talked to the four-page verses. For a long time there was no desire to act in a normal manner without any makeup. Anand Shankar has fulfilled that desire.

Director Anand Shankar said, “When the script of the film was ready, the question was asked who was the hero .. The reason is that there is a lot of chance for others to play the hero. Vijay Devarakonda was producing the film as a faithful star in Telugu films like Belly Chopulu and Arjun Reddy in Telugu. Tamil fans also began watching movies with subtitles. I asked the producer Gnanavel Raja why he should not speak Tamil and he did not tell me any negative. First half of the time I came up with the story narration. But when he told me that evening, tell me to tell him the story of the heroine. Because language is an unknown hero, I was comfortable with acting without telling him to change the scriptures. His Tamil accent in the film is as good as it does not find any variation.

Similarly, Sathyaraj first hesitated. But when asked about the story, Double told him. After the release of Sansna starring heroine, she will definitely ask who is the girl. Similarly, the Waterfront Raymond Deck Krosta has decided to become an editor for this film, watching the trailer of the Waterfalls. I did not give any idea to the trailer.

Music composer Sam CS has set music and music by video music with 72 musicians in Macedonia. Two thriller p

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