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Devi Sri Prasad – Hari – Vikram Coalition is the hit song ‘Samiskoyar’

It is rare that all the songs of a film are successful. This rare event is currently on stage in Tamil cinema. All the songs in the film ‘Samiskoyar’ which have been produced in the combination of rock star Devi Sri Prasad, Siyan Vikram and director Hari.

When asked about some of those who were involved in the audio industry, “Telugu film songs that are released in rock music are always on the album. He has performed similar magic in Tamil. All the songs in the film ‘Samiskoyar’ which are composed by music composer have been well received.

‘Samiskoyer’ is also a melody song ‘Athrupane …’. The subsequent release of ‘Milkapotee ..’ peppy number one million songs in the music.

The audio launch was followed by the song ‘Turnaka ..’ and the song ‘New Metro Train’ .. This song is none other than our DSP. This is the first time that he has written in many songs in Tamil, even though he wrote the entire song. It is noteworthy that DSP is the best songwriter for his song in Telugu. The cinematography says that you can see DSP’s characters in many songs in Tamil.

Similarly, the song “Mom Mama ..”, a music special for the music publishing festival, is available in Trending with millions of lives.

It is true that SilkSoi is also included in the list of films that are in the Tamil cinema. ”

Fans and filmmakers agree with this.
It is noteworthy that Hati has given her happiness to music composer Devi Sri Prasada who is celebrating her birthday on August 2.

The music director Devi Sri Prasada has millions of fans around the world. His American music has proven again and again. In this case, he will be touring in the United States this year.

Rock Star’s melodies are taking place in leading cities in the US on August 11, 18, 25 and September 1, 8 and 16.

Devi Sriprajam, who is engaged in this practice and rehearsals, said, ‘What are you going to do in this year’s melodic event? When asked, ‘I will not say it right now. This will feature songs from Tamil and Telugu films from the audience. The other things are suspended and the fans are thrilling. ”

His fans are confident that the musical emotion in rock star TSB’s movie songs will be on his stage show.

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