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Eavanum Puththanillai 1st Look Realese

V’s Cinematic Global Networks Film Company is producing the highest cost of the movie “Everybody is Buddha”

Nandhi and Sarath act as heroes in this film …

Poonam Kaur is acting in honor of the actresses with Shavasika Nickariga as heroines …

Snehan plays the role of Hon.

And I am God Rajendran Chainmurugan MS Bhaskar Velam Ramamurthy Singamuthu Muru Aru KDSBaskar Marimuthu Pasanga Sivakumar Supuparaj K.Karthikeyan kathal  Saravanan …


Cinematography – Raja C. Shekhar

Music – Maria Manohar

Editing – Suresh Ars

Songs – Snegen

Verse – S.T. Suresh Kumar

Stunt – love of knowledge, Michael in Mirror

Dancing – Ashokrajaja Shankar

Art – A. Palanivel

Co-production – KTSBaskar, K. Subramanian I. Joseph Jai Singh, M. Karthikeyan, V.C. Sun

Production – V Cinematic Global Networks

Story and screenplay is directed by S. Vijayasekaran

A populist film is made in the movie Buddha.

The brother is made up of a child’s love affair.

Director S. S. Vijayasekaran says that the action thriller is the story of the people living in the mountainous villages. All the works of the film have been completed. The film’s latest Look Poster release recently took place in Chennai

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