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Ezhumin Trailer Launch News & Stills

Simbu promised lata will not come

I am shy to tell the action hero: Vishal

I do not want to cut out anymore: Simbu Action

Recently released film producer V.P. Viji, is the director’s debut film ‘Raamin’.

He has created the story of the film ‘Sai Ramin’ around six boys who want to choose martial arts as their choice. The trailer of the trailer of Vivek, Devayani and many others has been held in Chennai today.

The actors Vishal, Karthi and Simbu participated in the festival and participated in the trailer.

At the function, Devayani said, “The film has given all the hard work. Vivek has done very well. Thanks to Vishal, Karthi and Simbu for visiting My congratulations to all the film crew. ”

When Karthi speaks, ‘The trailer of the film is very happy when you see it. I am going to college, school ceremony. Everything is going to the cinematic singing song and the dialogues are all going to the cinema. Children are without awareness. This picture will be an example. I will show this image to my daughter. My daughter is learning martial arts. Children also have to face brave people who are chain. Fear of fear and courage to fight. Need to hit back. It’s martial arts. So parents should be able to learn martial arts. Thanks to the director who bravely made this film. There will be a good future for the boys who play in this film. ”

Actor Uthaya said, ‘Vivek should come to politics. Those who want to do good will definitely come to politics. Vivek thinks good thing should happen. He will be successful in this film, “he said.

Vishal said, ‘I’m ashamed to say Action Hero. In this picture, Everyone should learn martial arts. It’s important to say what is good touch, bad touch. I do not want to move the flag to this film. Jackie’s must come. What’s this inspector is doing in the inspiration. Music is good. Vivek has written a song for everyone. Vivek will speak the truth boldly. Emelna Ninna is definitely a MLA. Please support everyone in this photo. Good cats have good future. Parents give martial arts to children. ‘

Vivek said, ‘I want to do better, Vishal, Karthi and Simbu. But not all the people are together with the politics. The flag of Tamil Nadu is the issue. Many are without policy. The word of the alphabet is said to be a sainish model. Some people read “seven o’clock”. The Tamil word is also unknown. In the community, there is a lack of sports skills. This film is dedicated to her. Vishal has many problems. Actor Association and Producer Association have come across many issues. Vishal and Karthi are working hard for the actor’s association building. There are three people who have this Trender Launch now Trendullah. Thanks to all who came for me. Then there was a lot of trouble for the producer and my film, but it would not be anymore. Vishal is trying to make the effort. ”

Simbu said, ‘I will not go to the ceremonies of the music publishing festival. Vivek sir said this paragraph. He has given this film to the heroes of Heroines. When Vivek was acting in a movie, I asked him to play a film. He said right away. One can not have come to Santhanam. In this film, the actress will be able to fall in love with her father and mother. You would not have come if they did not. I will not send my child to school. Let’s send it to school to read. But that’s what Mothalla Ansar pranranganu is pakurangana. I say a parent Let’s grow up with the kids. Envy, no competition. During the actor’s association election, I spoke against Vishal. But Vishal invited me to good actor when building the building of the actor. His humanity is my favorite. Everyone is united.

You all know, my dad, mom and talent are all over, and my biggest strength is my fans. One of my fans was on my side to die in love with me out of love. What’s more worrying is that 9 people have been arrested. One day he saw friends. The poster was sticky. What’s the matter? That fan was cut out for me how many times

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