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Fighters will not show off the scarves: poet Vairamuthu speak at ‘Traffic Ramasamy’

Songs from ‘Green Dialog Ramasamy’ by Green Signal
The launch was held at Prasad Lab Theater, songs
Director Shankar received the release of Kaviparasura Vairamuthu.

The director and the hero of the festival, SA When Chandrasekaran spoke,

 “I want to attend the festival 40 days ago
When did the Kaviparasu Vairamuthu ask them when the ceremony? Said,
I will come anywhere. Thanks to him. Love, cobama, heroic
A socially thoughtful, or a fragrance of soil
He said.

Shankar the world wonders. I sent the message. I’ll be sure
said. Thanks to him. He was clever to me
That’s why I was able to work with 17 films with me.Here will be
Rajesh, Ponaram; Thanks to him.

 This wiki was with me for 6 years. His stories
I did not like that. One day Traffic Ramasamy
He gave me a life story. I read it all night.
The next day I said to be a picture. The decision is about five times
I saw Traipi Ramasamy. His hiking dress is anticipated
Looked. I applied to myself.

This is the story of someone who struggles for life. No age to fight.
Nothing gets done without fighting. If you want to drink milk with your mother
Even if the child cries just get off, how not to fight. ?
If Gandhi did not fight, would there be freedom? Marina
The struggle itself redefined our culture. ? Tuticorin
Did the struggle itself close a factory? Not to fight
Madness. I also learned a lot from Traipi Ramasamy
Up. The movie is a realistic record ”
SA Chandrasekaran spoke.

Director Shankar said, “This tapioca ramism has hurt me too
Man. In him there will be a heroism. I looked at it
Hands in the hand. I also wanted to make a story.

I also had such a desire. He is an Indian not a knife. Old
Stranger amb. He is also in the story to take the Rajini sari
I thought. Eseci North after the announcement that Sir is acting
Disappointment of pose. Happiness though. Watch this picture
I’m waiting. ”

When the poet Vairamuthu spoke at the ceremony,

**** He is the poet of Ramakrishna: ‘Traffic Ramasami’ festival
Vairamuthu Talk! *

*** Do not suppress government struggles: Explore the causes: Vairamuthu Talk

People are aware of the law of ignorance that ‘Traffic Ramasamy’
The poet Vairamuthu spoke at the function. The following is as follows:

“SA Chandrasekaran and I do not have a close approach
He is a loving and tender person
The reasons are two. Although one can call many people
I am also the right hander for my son Vijay’s wedding
He only called to conduct. The second reason is to come here today
Being. From that point of time I’m in my mind and my inner mind
Said. The Traffic Ramasamy model is a social one
Should be concerned. That is S. AC is there. He is a different story
Maybe. But business is secondary. Traffic
The present philosophy of Ramasamy has attracted itself. One of them
Imagine that there is a raw material for filmmaking
Am. If you want to shoot it a bold
Should. It has him. The art of dead is easy to do.
There is only a controversial quotient in that and only profits
Take the story. It’s easy to shoot the future.
Can be imagined. But the story of the present time
Difficult. It is a challenge to shoot the burning moments of the present day. It
In this movie SAC This is SAC
Watching Tribic Ramasamy is an age to fight
You can say that no obstacle. Physical health is not a barrier to fight. Fight
What is the age? Is the fire of fire? ,
Is the sun’s age? Is it windy? Is the age of the sea? ,
Are the mountains old? Age to fight? That the youngest in the fire was closed
Do you have
I saw a fire – it was
I put a smile
Burning forest – flame

 Is the youngest on the burning fire? For example
The person who has this traffic is Ramasamy. His hidden life struggle
Many dark life is unaware, and he wants to express it
Does. Because the fighters will show off the scars
Will not show up. This Ramasamy is a baby in the heart
Every time he speaks about, he knocks.
Fighters seem to be complimented by drought, militants
He is always a fan and he is a fan.

Believe to believe that all the struggles will succeed.
Successes do not have good struggles. To the people of our country
There is ignorance about law. Unknown poverty of ownership

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