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In the film    Dinesh became the mother of Devayani

Where are our puvatta, rakkayi Temple, the counter girl, Kattabomma, Hobo King, groom counter image of the company, including 16 super hit films such rajapuspa Pictures, seventeen years after the “gangsters and groom” image is produced                                                                                                

Dinesh plays the hero. Aditi Menon plays the heroine. And anantraj, tevayani, Renuka, Manobala, Mahanadi Shankar, terrace Rajendran, muniskant, torch, Lalu, Crane Manohar, Vijayan starring in nanc.

Cinematography – caravannan Abhimanyu / Music – enarrakunantan  

Songs – mokanrajan, Eknath / Art – Maya Pandi

Editing – Golden Kathiresan / Dance – Dinesh  

Stunt – tilipcupparayan

Product Overview – civacantiran / Executive Manufacturing – Stills Robert  

Co-production – Trimurti

Product – Rajeshwari manivacakam.                                                                    

Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction – Gandhi manivacakam.                                                

They asked the director about the film Gandhi manivacakam …

Manivacakam My dad keeps a Formula. . Commercial lot in a story slim, keeps a lot of comedy … all the films he directed, according to its commercial success. That’s what touched me. Family comedy with master mix made subject. Mother-in-law’s stories have usually been in the cinema. Has hopes of winning. Mother-in-law stories … landslide victory, receiving the puttarpe Fig. It has been developed to do the same.

Dinesh would be act as the mother hesitated when asked Devyani .. okeconnar with hearing the whole story. Apparently, the mother-in-law have dealt with this problem. Jolly pastime is evolving picture of gangsters and groom. The film will be released this month kantimanivacakam director.

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