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Friday’s Release Of June 22, The ‘Traffic Ramaswamy’ Praises About The Film, Kamal said.

Based on the life of social activist Traffic Ramaswamy
Having developed the film ‘Traffic Ramaswamy’. Traffic in the film
SA Ramaswamy Chandrasekaran role. He was assistant to the director
Vicki had directed the film. Bala Balamurali scored, Cinematography Kugan. Green signal produced by the company,

‘Traffic Ramaswamy’ movie trailer watching the film, Kamal said approvingly. When he speaks,

“ Ahimcaitan reminding the world that the best heroism intiyamakavirar country appearing in different forms, which is hidden in the beginning. Their bravery is not unusual for players to be one of ordinary humans. Gandhi saw this. Rajaji seen neruvaip know how brave. Ambedkar know about. Every time that we passed the height of their prowess in common, seen at every step. They believe that the Indian wheel rotates.

Mahatma Gandhi, the model will be available by searching for the person that will get the Parliament well. Foot carikalukkul can find variety of Mahatma search. Traffic Ramaswamy’s got such advantage. Multifunctional media cittarittatuntu different contexts. As if this person cittarittatuntu a eksentrik. But Traffic Ramaswamy. In everyone’s mind and conscience has been bothering. He was such a tairiyattaic activating player. Makes while still trying to be looted, too, as he took the movie to watch and enjoy the appreciation appreciable. This is the first boat to win the group. Following the commercial success will come.

Eseci The film etuppavaralla political smell. Taking down the whole political picture. The time to take pictures so desperate too political. Opening the kind of style that he continues today.

He has been a director Vicki gave him the opportunity to another young director, and has set up a launcher.

Makes some covered during the end of the story. But by taking the picture of the ongoing story complex. When I took the picture with a story heram `I have gone through many difficulties that were

Set on the first character to fit into the picture merely katinamperiya natikarkalukke ponatuntu some time. The picture is better suited to the character. When going for a walk together as brothers are eseciyuminta Traffic Ramaswamy. Later, knowing that the next generation of the original ivaraiye Traffic Ramaswamy, who may also have to remember that. There is nothing wrong in it. Things to keep in mind is endowed with the same name. India’s success is the success of such men. Traffic Ramasamy who want to learn Tamil Nadu, India is not. The success of this model is the ordinary soldiers.

It felt like watching the entire film when viewing the film’s trailer. Was anxious to see completed. “ Clown ‘is a song that porali watched a song. Komaliyakka many politicians who sought the true failure. The defeat means the publisher of this film will be underlined as a means of pressure.

Eseci Being an actor and director who passed acted as assistant director, everything is fine. For fans of the film is the responsibility of driving a display.

The high point of heroic nonviolent say it again, the example of the Mi ramaca traffic. “Thus, Kamal said approvingly.

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