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Goli Soda 2 Press Release

Goli Soda 2 is produced by Vijay Milton in the production of Rough Node Productions. Samuthirakani, Bharath Sunny, Vinod, Ezhaki Bharath, Sufiksha, Krisha Groupe. On June 14th, the film’s press meet was held in Chennai.

Collier Soda, editing and stunt, was a big deal. The film got a small chance in the film. Editorial Deepaak said, “I got the full editing opportunity for Koli Soda 2.

Experienced directors and actors have acted in this film. Working with them helps our carrier. It’s a team work, said Bharat Sunni.

Samuthirakani was very supportive in the shooting. Vijay Milton sir will give the script only in the shooting. But he gave freedom to speak to the story. Market fight model in Goli Soda is a fight scene in this film too. After Gautham Menon sir entered the film, the film became a big movie. My cousin Lingusamy, thanked Subhash Chandra Bose, said Vinod.

Vijay Milton called me to act, who asked me to act. Samuthirakani is acting only, and everyone is new. Samuthirakani is the one who can help anyone without guessing. He has done a lot for me. Having fun with him. Gautham Vasudev Menon said that working with many youngsters in this film is a good experience.

We have taken this picture of the idea that people do not say that this is not like Koli Soda. Pandiraj, who helped Koli Soda, thanks to Lingusamy. We have talked about the minimum identification of each person in the film of Gholi Soda. We have talked about blocking the identity of them to the next level. In the story, I put the print pandatti song in 4 hours. The background music of the film will be great. Supermant Sundar, who created the scene after the printing, is best spoken. Samanthrakani Real Life is heartbroken and courageous. But as a man who failed in the film, he played a different role. So far she did not pay a penny salary. Gautham sir looked at the scenes and I was intimidated. That’s great.

We left a cost of advertising and started a thing called GST truck. We decided that we would give people the things that are needed for people like mor, coconut, and food. Surya has started it in Chennai. 12 vehicles in 6 cities, including Chennai. Director Vijay Milton said that Madurai Gandhiji’s mother and Raja Sethu Murali in Coimbatore were invited to this festival.

We get food that is worthless in food and give to those who have not. There are people who are waiting for this meal every day. We give students a notebook. We make the necessary assistance to poor children. We are also helping pregnant women. Raja Sethu Murali said, “We have recently bought a small car to get the dead body.

Vadlur A few lovers are doing the necessary help and encourage you not to stop eating. Many people have seen it. Gandhi said that we are doing this with Vallalar Aashi.

Actors Samuthirakani, Isaki Bharath, heroes Subhishasha, Krisha Group, Clap Port Productions Sathiyamurti and Pasanga Kishore also participated.

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