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Imaikkaa Nodigal Press Release

Cameo Films produced cije Jayakumar, atarva, Nayan, Anurag kasyap, Rashi Khanna to star in the action-thriller film would have been huge, “imaikka seconds”. In this film, director Ajay Vijay Colony will drive demand nanamuttu Sethupathi appeared in a special appearance. The film’s music is composed by Adi Hip Hop Tamila launch was held at Sathyam Cinemas in Chennai.
The story starts when a search image to satisfy me, it was me. After concluding the story of the story of his assuming the actors. I’m a fan of Sir Rajshekar at school patikkumpotilirunte RT. My picture should be in the best film of the carrier, he told him that. My preference is to put the title of my films in Tamil. In the first film did not do it. The assistant director said the film was suitable as a title, we have to put the same thing. To act in children is very difficult, so I thought I would not be making films like that, but in this film was very important to a child’s character. Manasi has acted in the best-director Ajay nanamuttu said.
Want me, racikkiravarkal the films I would like to work. Ajay watched me as I worked on this film. Action, comedy, romance and everything that was in the picture. After Anthony editor of this film is very fond of me. Ajay is the time to work on the idea of ​​filming. He gave up bothering about the cost of doing everything asked Jayakumar said the director, producer, cinematographer Rajshekar RT.
From gun to my friendship with Ajay. This image is started 2 years. Embraces every artist who takes with him. One thing will not allow until Bhuvan Editor Ajay Srinivasan said.
My favorite janar thriller. The script of the play entered. Imaikkamal two hours with the hope that the fans will see the image we have of this topic. I am sure that this movie will satisfy critics said Prabhakar Pattukkottai writer.
Each of the actors in this film are busy working on other films did not come here. Suddenly the planned ceremony, vilavaiye’ve staged this composer’s behalf. I’ve seen a picture of the individual ADI’s background icaikkakave 5 times. After finishing making all the casting director Ajay, pannittinka spend a lot, though small icaiyamaippalare said. I’m just saying, okay, hip-hop Tamila done deal. After the first hit patt become one of the biggest kamerciyal alone it would be. Rashi Khanna has canceled the shooting has come here for us to leave. Dedicated to actresses like him to use Tamil cinema. Trisha illana LAUNCHES film shoot after the action plan was put atarvavai. Little by little, the film went on increasing. It would be a big party for fans LAUNCHES character. Cut the hair on the story, changing its appearance and gave tremendous support. Gautham Menon had to play the role of villain in the first, sir. But if for some reason he did not act. At that time, he happened to see the image Anurag kasyap starring Akira. We approached him, he admitted. RT I Rajshekar great admirer, brought him inside. LAUNCHES needed an actor to play opposite, it can only do Sethupathi flick. The important thing is the story of his character. While fans will tie in the 15th minute. It’s so late to give good experience for fans. Thriller, Emotion, Action to wish everyone will like this film. Despite its project dubbed talking to Sir kasyap Anurag’s body was merry thanks to Sir J. C. Jayakumar said the producer.
Ajayum gun in the film, and I have worked together with Murugadoss sir. Although the movie is not feeling a thing, who can tell you straight face, said Ajay Periyasamy director Rajkumar.
I, Vijay, Murugadoss trio sat together and watched the film colony on demand. The director told me that Vijay pannunkanu then put the picture. A good talented director. Hollywood director narrates the image quality. Jayakumar largest producer of filmed a small image. Hip-hop’s original social responsibility Tamila a man, composer, producer AM Ratnam said.
Everyone who worked on the film, the most important film imaikka seconds. Beyond his power, fans, a huge image of the model produced Jayakumar trust. Background music in the film’s hero, this film will play music that you have to be sure. Background music in the film is of high importance. Beyond music, the highlight will be the theme songs of Rudra. Anurag sir’s body was merry kasyap speak to the character dubbed as decided at the outset itself. Hip hop musician said she thought the film Ajay Tamila original decision.
The heroine of the ceremony Rashi Khanna, actors Ramesh Tilak, Udaya, actress Rebecca, producers Madan, Kathiresan, Producer Association Secretary turairaj, directors merry Thirumeni, Manoj Kumar, Praveen Gandhi, original Ravichandran, stunt master ‘Stun’ Siva also spoke with participants.

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