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Iraivi – review

Women have always played a vital role through out a guys life. The director has experimented with the saying ” behind every successful men there is a women”. The story starts three women who has dreams about their future. The actual plot starts with a director whose film is stuck with a producer because of a conflict. All his hard work is at stake with no results nor he can move forward into his career, in this depression he gets into drinking. This habit in turn gets him a bad name, more trouble and creates a distance between him and his wife. He is assisted and helped by his brother (bobby simha)and his assistant (vijay sethupathy), who goes to any extend to save his boss from trouble. During this kamalini mukarjee, who s.j.Suriya’s wife and Anjali, who plays vijay sethupathy’s wife part ways with their husbands and their life worsens. To get their love back, the only way is to retrieve movie. Will they do it forms the second half of the movie. An interesting plot with creative crew has taken the movie a step higher. S.J surya seems to lead the pack among the three. He has showed the crowd how it feels for the director to loose his movie To a producer. The role of sj surya was perfect. While we have little disappointment from bobby and sethupathy who don’t play attractive characters That we usually potrey, even though they have done their role perfectly. Kamilini mukarjee and Anjali has played a good role, but pooja tops them all with her acting skills. Songs by santhosh are way good along but somewhere there was a feel if the BGM was not set in perfect places. Camera and editing has been done brilliant creating a new tone and texture to the tale.

Verdict: The movie is a different initiative with many things to take home.

Rating 2.65/5

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