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“Irumugan” made a remarkable success in Bollywood industry.

‘Chiyaan’ Vikram has entered into the box office with the status of a ‘latest box office superstar’ in 100 crore club from the film entitled ‘Irumugan’. This movie which is being dubbed in Hindi under the name ‘International Rowdy 2017’ recently aired on the famous private television and also uploaded to the YouTube website has achieved a record of about five million viewers within the forty-eight hours.

In the film ‘Ravana’ directed by Mani Ratnam, ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram created fans in Bollywood too. Subsequently, Shankar’s ‘I’ was surprised by Bollywood’s lead actors by his amazing performance in the film. All the media recorded that the National Award for Best Performance will be available for actor Vikram. One of the leading magazines from Mumbai praised him as ‘Mel Gibson of India’. After that, all the movies of actor Vikram was dubbed in Hindi and uploaded to YouTube and received a very good response from the viewers.

In the South Asian countries such as Nepal and Bangladesh, millions of people have appreciated this image. It has demonstrated that Vikram’s acting talent extends beyond the borders of India, including Tamil Nadu, and extends across India to the entire South Asia.

Chiyaan’ Vikram is doing different characters with big difference in his looks and body weight for the films. The ‘Dhruva Natchathiram’ movie teaser has been released and continues to achieve a record number of millions views.

Following this success, there been a worldwide expectation for the films ‘Dhruva Natchathiram’, ‘Sketch’ and ‘Saamy 2’ which are currently being produced. Gautham Vasudev Menon is directing the ‘Dhruva Natchathiram’. Vijay Chandra is directing ‘Sketch’. Hari is directing the film ‘Saami 2’.

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