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‘JESI’ Movie Press Release

After the Guinness world record film ‘Agadam’ and the recent success ‘Nagesh Thiraiyarangam’, director Isaq is back again to entertain the audience with his new experimental project‘JESI’ produced by P.B.S Esa Ghugha for Sairaj Film Works.

The film ‘JESI’ story revolves around the charactor of A director who does not have any belief in supersttial and ghost aspects will go to an individual villa with his family to write his future film story.there in that villa,when ever he starts to write his story he experience an horror attack.the climax part is whether the director had successfully written his story or he has been encountered by the ghost?

The film introduces a new hero Gemini while Sripriyanka and Lakshmi Kiran playing Gemini’s pair. The film has E.J Nauzad as cameraman and S.Devaraj as the editor and Poonga Krishnamoorthy as Art Director, while Sajith Anderson Raj has come up with a thrilling background score and the screenplay of the film is on par with Hollywood standard and presents a very different story. Interestingly the film has several scenes shot in ‘Low light capture method’ that is sure to bring the fear in audience. Isaq has worked hard to include enough package to terrify the audience irrespective of day and night scenes. The film is based on several unbelievable crimes happening in our society and it is expected to satisfy all types of audience. This songless film will hit the screens very soon.

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