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Kaali Press Meet

Vijay Antony Film Production is produced by Vijith Antony and directed by Krishika Udhayanidhi in ‘Kali’ directed by Anjali, Anjali and Sunaina. The press release of the film on May 18 was held in Chennai. The film’s 20-minute footage was screened exclusively for journalists at this meeting. The film crew has been sharing interesting information about the film.

I have worked with 4 films with Vijay Antony. He is a very popular man. He is the one who believes in what he took, and I learned from him. The great Stalin team is the big plus in this film, said the art director of power Venkatraj.

This Kali is the best film in the film industry, which is being produced by women in cinematography. Richard M. Nathan said,

My first film in Tamil is the first stage. When Krithika Udayanidhi invited me, I thought he was a senior, experienced director. But a beautiful, young director. Heroine Shilpa Manjunath said that the film has done well.

I am a distributor and producer. Until recently I saw Dharmadurai’s film and Vijay Anthony’s beggar movie with the overflow in the movie. Thanks a lot for forgetting to thank God for a while His biggest strength is Fatima Vijay Antony and Sandra Johnson. Krishna looked at them in awe. Kritika took only what the story was about. In the film, he chose to act as well as acting. Kali is the title of the most Powerful title, said RK Suresh.

Shilpa and Amrita felt that they felt lazy. I’ve lost my journalist’s press conference. It’s fine when compared to that. Even though I have acted in 19 films, I still feel frustrated. The core of this film is love. It is proud to work in a special film like this. Vijay Antony has seen them as a musician 10 years ago and now is the best actor and producer, says heroine Sunaina.

On the day of women, women are sitting on stage. But today is the reason for this platform Vijay Antony. I asked him time to tell him the story. But he came to my house and asked the story. Chemistry was good for me and producer Fatima. Art Director is the biggest strength of the film. Stunted master of the stunts, working hard, and working hard. Arguably Suresh agreed to act as a villain. Sunina is an actress who does not notice much in Tamil cinema. I wanted to act in this film and I wanted him to act. 4 heroines acted well. When I wrote the script, I wrote what it says. It does not write anything to highlight women or males. There are lots of talented women. Director Krutika Udayanidhi said that women will come out with a great fight.

My Junior at Krutica College is still very simple. The first story he told me was the best story. But I did not make it because of my definition. Some other actors can act in that story. Cinematographer Richard is my junior. He did all the work on his shoulder. The art director is the power and stunt master power is just one of my family. I’m not a superhero. More than half of the fighting has been a fight for me. I am very grateful to him. Arun Bharti has filled the place after my very favorite poet Annamalai. I am acting in the movie Murderkaran after the film ‘Thimir Pichchavan’. That will definitely be the same, “said Vijay Antony.

Nairi Amrita, Stunt Master Power Saravanan, Editor Lawrence Kishore, songwriters Arun Bharathi and Tamilnadu participated in the meeting.

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