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Kabali – Review

The phrase Nerupu da that was spreading like a wild fire in the forest of cinema has now hit the screens and the await is over, the movie theatres were seen flooded like never before with ticket prices Going up so high making us wondering if we are in banglore or in chennai with box office collection figures making our head go round and round. If u wanna know if all the hype is worth it, then read on !

Starting with the movie kabali thats been viral the movie starts with Kabaleeshwaran alais Kabali, (Rajinikanth) releases from the imprisonment of 25 long years after which he decides to live a normal life giving up almost everything he has. But then situation forces him to take up his heroics again. Will he take up his heroics to fight for the oppressed or live his life solemnly forms the second half of the film. The flash back indeed has taken a lots of efforts to show Rajinikanth more younger but has slightly failed. Dhanshika and Radhika Apte who are known for their performance has performed well and have fitted their shoes perfect
Needless to say the two film old director Ranjith has made sure that even the side artists have performed well and are perfect in their part given. About the technical side, the movie Santhosh Narayan, the music director has done a wonderful job with Nerupu da and veera thurandhara that makes audience go crazy for the beat, And bgm needless to say makes the theatre reverberate. The camera and editing is a perfect combination in the movie that has added a extra colour with a new dimensions making us crave for more of Thalaivar who appears in every scene. There is almost no scene without him on screen, and still one cant have enough of him.

Pros: Thalaivaar !!!!!!!!

Cons: An attempt to make charecter appear younger than they seem are little mismatched in places.

Vedict: A paisa vasool movie for thalaivar fans. Who crave for a new dimension of him. More of a director oriented movie than star oriented.

Review By : N.U.Neeharika

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