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Kabilan Vairamuthu Press Release

True to the truth …

Some friends may ask why no discussion has been started since a discussion began. The elaborate mood has not been fulfilled for some days. I think this record is necessary despite that.

The central task of a progressive movement is to focus on the solution without focusing on hatred. I’m Western. We are the Indian. The way in which I live is the way of life in Western countries. Our hope is that we can be relieved if the country is relieved. Self-life is their life. Family structure is our base. Defending India from the global economic downturn is a family structure. That is the quality of envy of other nations. Feminist movements in our soil considered the male-female family system as an important dream. Aniam is emerging that the systems imported from the country now act to disturb the family structure. The tendency to blame the male and female man in the public domain is very dangerous without any evidence or vision. This global organization, Metoo, does not have a decent say in which direction it turns out. But I believe that the efforts of our forerunner leaders for their feminism and their ideology will help us to understand such systems.

I am proud to hear some people say that father is one of the present signs of Tamils. It may be too late for some. Some may refuse. But no one can deny that he is a sign of self-confidence. He was born with white zippa. He did not have the option of buying uniforms to wear to school. She is an educator who has walked on a mate, a stone and a thumb without a blanket wrapped in high school. Today’s tech generation does not know that he is one of India’s most celebrated persons born in a village in the Indian diaspora.One of the persons he’s raised is not known today’s technology generation.At the time of study, poverty has not been eaten at home due to poor food, and it does not know who has left the garden and left the exam. He did not know how many people he had gone to pay for just 150 rupees in college. Father and Mommy did not know that after their romantic wedding they started their lives in a rented house in Thiruvallikai in Chennai. As a Tamil poet – a Tamil professor, both Tamils ​​and Tamils ​​do not know the history of having two children in the cradle of Tamil. He has crafted his life in inches. His life emerged from a staggering village in a modern environment where villages are totally neglected and today is a self-confidence paradigm for many young people. They do not receive awards. But his life is more priceless than his writing. Lesson is full. Those who want to dampen his pride are sympathetic.

Some say that there are political motives for the victims who are now being charged. Some argue that it is not. Let it be anyway. Let them be legally registered. Let’s win the truth. I humbly urge anyone to try to distract us from the many other problems in the country depicting this problem as a gigantic hobby.


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