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Kamal Haasan opens up on false statement in media

“It is disheartening to see that my words have been fabricated with misconceptions leading to wrong assumptions or perhaps, wrong perceptions. In fact, I had never mentioned anything in my letter claiming something on my tax account or any disregards to the Government. Or else, I wouldn’t be openly filing my income tax. I am such a person, who doesn’t preach what I don’t do and have been constantly involved in the process called honesty. I had rendered few statements to my media friend across North India. Some of the newspapers and media channels seem to have wrongly translated the interview in Tamil, which has paved way for such perplexed scenarios.

Don’t mistake this letter to be a response to honourable O Panneer Selvam, who had commented on my statements, which were not actually cited by me. If anyone is hurt by those words, which I never mentioned, I would like to apologise so that the hearts aren’t wounded. I have my members of Iyakkam who have been constantly rendering their support for the past three decades in support to State Government irrespective of who the ruling political party is.

My Iyakkam consists of members who are believers of religion and rational thinkers as well. At this juncture, if the misinterpreted words hurt them, I don’t want to make this happen and this letter is apparently the justification behind it.

This is a crucial moment, where everyone is imbibed to the natural disaster and now we’re working as a team.

Buy maintaining too much silence is not good and it has what happened now. I have justified my words with honesty and apologise, if the wrongly translated and perceived words have hurt anyone’s feelings.

I would like to make it clear that none of my words consisted of terms like ‘TAX’ or ‘Tamil Nadu State Government’….” said actor Kamal Haasan.

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