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Kattu Paya Sir Intha Kaali Review

Right in the beginning of Kaatu Paya Sir Intha Kaali, director Youreka makes an appearance to spell out for us what the film is talking about. He mentions the North-South divide and how Tamils are being taken advantage of and not being given the respect that they deserve. But watching the film, you begin to wonder what purpose this director’s note served.

The film begins with a young boy witnessing the humiliation of his parents at the hands of a loan shark. The action then cuts to the present where vehicles belonging to the seizers of a financier are being set on fire by a mysterious person. The cops suspect this could be a psycho and bring in Kaali (Jaivanth), an inspector prone to violence, to track down the culprit. As the commissioner (Naren) puts it, “Oru psycho va pudikka oru sadist dhaan seriya varuvaan”. You can not help but marvel at such logic!

But the criminal continues his burning spree. Meanwhile, Kaali has to offer refuge to Amudha Paul (Iraa), a young woman who claims to be an aspiring actress.

Despite the director spelling out his intention, as a message movie, Kaatu Paya Sir Intha Kaali hardly conveys what it set out to do. Its views on non-Tamils border close to Xenophobia. What it offers is muddled thoughts on Tamil pride and domination of the North over the South by painting pawnbrokers and financiers as loan sharks. And it conveniently ignores that the loan shark that it shows us in the very first scene is a Tamil!

Even as a crime thiller, the film offers nothing new and is hardly compelling. The weak writing gives us an investigation lacks any solid thrills. Kaali is a cop who does anything but investigate and even takes cannabis might give him a clue about his suspect.

The perfunctory filmmaking and performances don’t help either. And we guess the identity of the criminal almost right away, despite the director trying to throw in a red herring to make us think that the person could even be female.

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