An Average student from childhood remains average in everything until one day he meets a girl who is topper in studies, from that day his life changes, lifestyle changes, he joins journalism in college, later he falls in love with her but she rejects him for being an average student, did the love story continue after this?did he remain average until the end or achieve something big in his life? To get the answer watch the movie.

Ashok Selvan as Aravindh a average student, his acting is sure to attract many audiences, he does a fair job for whatever is given to him,Priya Anand as Janani as said above  topper in the class also gives out a neat performance ,she travels throughout the movie with the protagonist and its sure you will fall in love seeing her on screen everytime. Other cast members Nasser, Samuthirakani, Rama, Anupama, Maarimuthu, John Vijay give out excellent performances,Balasaravanan’s Sense of humor works out very well for the movie.

Story By T.J.Gnananvel is a very well written story ,not only concentrating on love the movie also concentrates on a social issue. Screenplay is neat, you may feel lag at some places but it  is necessary for the script ,Dialogues are one of the major plus to the movie. Cinematography by P.K.Varma and Edited by Leo John Paul is apt. Music and Backrground Score adds more spice to the movie,infact music works very well for the movie, Music Director Nivas.K. Prasanna deserves a special Applause.

Directed by T.J.Gnanavel. It’s a  perfect movie to be watched with your family

Verdict: a perfect feel good movie.

Rating: 3.5/5

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