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Long Live The Farmer’ First Look Released The Film Actor, Director Sasikumar

‘Hail vivacayipatat First Look Poster and releasing the band director, actor Sasikumar Wishing the boat.
With a focus on agriculture are evolving, “Long live the farmer ‘First Look of the film, actor, director Sasikumar released. Innikalvukkakat’s glad, she said, “Long live the farmer ‘group wished the boat.
Itself, without food, lack of livelihood in the industry without the problem of farmers who formed the core of the film against the backdrop of
Mohan and directed by debutant director BL ponni. Ray Films produced on behalf of the Milk Depot Kathiresan.
“Whenever you saw seed sulky sulky Live’s story,” the director, “which portray the misery of suffering and pain and suffering of farmers in recent years,” he says.
Appu ippatattila National Award winning actor, Vasundhara, Muthuraman, “Hello” DOWNLOAD, srikalki, “Madurai” Saroja Ammal, lifes, child stars Vinod, Sandhya, anantarupini poet vikkiramatityan, Vijayan,
The cinematography of the film – Q. B. Cantavat iratan. Music – jeyakirus. Songs – Yugabarathy, Tamilmani ranting, Mohan Rajan. Editing – Pa. Pravin Bhaskar kalai – MR. Saravana apiraman. Dancing – Love Gandas.
Filming Rajapalayam, cokkampatti, and the surrounding farm villages were Srivilliputhur
Burn farmers in the country today is drawn about piraccinaiaiyaip ° Hail the farmer “image director Sasikumar ukkappatuttip rejoices in praise putumakilcci on board the boat.
The final works are in progress.

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