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Marudhu – Review

Sri Divya has played a wonderful role we can also call it one of the best roles of hers as she expresses everything clearly without chaos, she plays a very brave girl who carries the ladies sentiment forward. The best role in the movie would be of the appatha character played by Leela, the typical village granny is so hyper and cute playing a cool rope making everyone long for a granny like her ! Next to apatha is r.k. He has expressed the  villainess more than Radha Ravi and not to forget Suri who played a serious role in climax is well appreciated not just by critics but also by family audience.The story puts appatha and Sri vidyas mum into trouble and Vishal is expected to save them the  rest forms the plot. Talking about music otha roja alone has attracted the audience and other songs are normal! Camera has created a effect and taken the movie a notch up.

Vedict: Usual village story with a twist of ladies sentiment.

Pros: Cast has done a brilliant job , especially Leela, R.k and Suri.

Cons: The story is predictable and too much of violence has taken the film down.         Rating:2.75/5

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