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Messaya Murukku Movie Review

The Wait is over the much Awaited movie Messaya Murukku movie releases,Hip Hop Thamizha is Coming with a Musical Entertainer this time, with Messaya Murukku he marks his Directorial Debut with himself playing the lead role.

Messaya Murukku story Revolves around a young boy,a Engineering Student Adhi (Hip Hop Thamizha) from a well educated family, who wants to achieve his Dreams, who wants to become a independent musician,what happens in his college life,his family,his Love,twists and turns that occur in his life where these twists and turns will lead to ,does he become a independent musician? Does he get placed in a job after his engineering? To get the answer watch the movie

Hip Hop Thamizha Not only playing the Role,Story,Screenplay,Direction is also by himself Lyrics and Dialogues are also penned by him, and Definetly everthing works out well ,the film doesn’t seem as if it his directorial debut that’s one major plus  to the movie. We all know that he excels in Music,But this movie proves that he can excel in acting too,his screen presence is perfect.

Lead Actress Aathmika also does a fair job ,she travels throughout the movie along with Adhi Attracts the audience with her performance , other cast members Vigneshkanth,Shah ra,Guhan,Muthu,Ananth,Hariharan Krishna,fenny,Anbuthasan,Vinoth,Pooventhan,malavika has delivered a neat performance And every one deserve a special appaluse and Vijayalakshmi as Hip Hop Thamizha’s Mother delivers a neat performance and Vivek as Hip Hop Thamizha’s Father ,who is a professor in the movie is one major plus to the movie ,His screen presence,His dialogue Delivery, his attitude everthing is enjoyable and perfect,everytime he is on screen its guaranteed that it’s the best.At Places you feel no one could have done that role better than him.

Another Highlight of the movie is that many scenes connect with emotions of audience which is a very good sign for the success of the movie ,neat screenplay.Cinematography By Kiruthi Vasan & U.K.Senthilkumar and Editing by Fenny Oliver is apt. To talk about Songs its already a success because before the release of the movie itself  all the songs are Chartbusters and remains as younsters favourite.  Background score, simply the best.

Hip Hop Thamizha Delivers a treat to Youngsters and family.

Verdict: A neat Entertainer.


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