A senior cop leading a team of two is after a serial killer who is giving them nightmares, after every Assasin the killer himself leaves a clue for the next challenging the cops,shocked after finding who the next possible is going to be,the team gets ready to hunt down the killer, were they able to hunt him? what is the reason behind this?who is the killer? Were the cops able to reach the killer with the help of clue left by the killer? forms the story of the movie.

Nibunan Marks as Arjun’s 150th movie ,Nibunan is a thriller loaded with suspense,nail biting moments, mystery, sentiments and actions and more.Arjun as expected excels in such action genre, he is very good at presenting himself on screen.Audience are sure to enjoy to see him in this flick,Shruthi Hariharan seen as Arjun’s  wife in the movie gives out a neat and pleasing performance,Vaibhav as Arjun’s brother,Varalakshmi Sarathkumar & Prasanna seen as Arjun’s friends as well as his teammates,everyone delivers a neat performance.

Written and directed Arun vaidyanathan it’s a crisp crime thriller well written,Screenplay by Ananth Vaidyanathan &  Anand Raghav could have been little more gripping as the story ,as u may start feeling that the movie is getting slower in the second half as compared to the first half,should have been concentrated more on screenplay as the story,Music by S.Navin is perfect for the movie ,but background Score could have been little better as the same is repeated at many places.Cinematography by Arvind Krishna & Edited by Satish Surya is apt for this kind of Crime Thriller Flick .

Verdict: A Neat Crime Thriller.

Rating: 3/5

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