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Not afraid of intimidation: ‘Traffic Ramasamy’ at Film Festival SA Chandrasekaran talks!

Not afraid of intimidation: ‘Traffic Ramasamy’ at Film Festival
SA Chandrasekaran talks!

The controversy is that it is not afraid of getting threatened by the story
Director SA Chandrasekaran at the launch of ‘Traffic Ramasamy’
Spoke. The following is as follows:

Based on the lives of community mobilizer Trafi Ramasamy
The movie ‘Traffic Ramasamy’ has been created. Traffic in the movie
As SA Ramasamy Chandrasekaran has acted. Assistant Director to him
Vicky has directed the film.

Prasad is the motion poster and teaser screening festival of the film
Held in the Lab Theater.

About the film director SA Chandrasekaran while speaking

“The Wiki which has directed this image about me or my pictures
He came to me without knowing anything.

At one point I’m no longer going to direct the film
I sent out five fifty assistant directors to me
Done. But if you have not even gone with the wiki, it’s enough
He did not want to pay. One day he told me one
He told me to read the book. It’s the traffic of the Traffic Ramasami “One
Man’s Army “.
Read. When the wiki said that I could take it,
Could not refuse.

When he finished reading the story, he saw me as well as social injustice
I understood that I was a sponge man. If you go wrong, you’ll get angry
I liked her character.
He’s great for me who thought he was just a poster
He was a soldier. He is in life
I wondered how many experiences of struggle.

I have 69 films in 45 years. I will leave
What have we done as a symbolic sign? When I thought about this film
I thought to take that as a sign. We are so many unexpectedly
Good souls joined it and Rohini joined me.
RK Suresh came in as a protagonist. Only display
However, Vijay Antony, who agreed to act, can not forget.
So Gushboo and Seeman came into the picture
Prakash Raj accepted the scenes. So many people
They entered the film and added strength.
The film is kept in the lives of Traffic Ramasamy
Created. This is the story of controversy
Refuted. There is no fear of any threat to it. Because
My first film ‘Law in a Dark’ is a threat to the film
I saw that. “Thus SA Chandrasekaran spoke.

The show is directed by Wiki, actor RK. Suresh, actresses
Rohini, Upasana and cinematographer Kukan also participated.

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