A hotel worker gets involved in street fighting on the advice of a gambler,Later the duo realise that they have been duped by a gangster what happens next forms a the remaining part of the story.

Kreshna excels in his role, you enjoy seeing him on screen, Anandhi seems pleasing and has less screen space,Nithin Sathya,Pandi,Saravanan,Madhusudhan Rao has equal screen space as they travel throughout the movie with Kreshna and everyone gives out a neat performance,Karunas is seen in special role.

Written And directed by Feroz the movie is a Delight, the writing and Screenplay is perfect, the first half takes time to set up the characters in the story, but in the seconds half, it quickens our pulse with some tense moments, the way Feroz builds tension and maintains it till the end is a big plus for the movie.

Cinematography by Aravind and editing by prabaahar is apt for the film,Music by R.H. Vikram is perfect and works out very well with the plot,it creates some nail biting moments.Produced by Vijayalakhsmi Ahathian the movie is sure to get a golden run.

Verdict: Seat edge Action Thriller!!

Verdict: 4/5.

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