Release Date: June 15,2017

Movie Run Time: 2 hrs 06 mins

Censor Rating: U/A

In this movie the protagonist (karthiik) is a pickpocket expert, meets with an accident and after that incident, he starts to suffer from a Disease called alien hand syndrome,that is his left hand wouldn’t be under his control,does this bring problems in hero’s life? To get answer you have to watch the movie.

This is debut film for hero karthiik, who has done a fair job for his role. He made sure that he didn’t commit any mistake. Anjali Rao’s characterization is weak.The highlights of the film are supporting characters, Gaja, Maari, Gireesh, Joseph,Nalla Thambi, and others.All their performances seem lively.

The writing is one big positive for the film, debutant Ashok has cleverly worked on the screenplay too. The slow pace of the film at some places fails to keep you engaged.

The film doesn’t stand high on Technical front,with the low production value,they have tried best to make it look good.The songs doesn’t stay with you. The background score could have been more intense. Editing could have been concentrated more, as you see only fade transitions often. You may feel the limited production value of the movie at the start, but the humour dominates it as the movie progresses.

Verdict: fun to watch !!!

Rating: 2.5/5

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