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Poorna Vimal-Singampuli Chase, Anantaraj.

Sai Productions film company producing the film on behalf of the carmila manre arcarvan mole somewhere for him to be.

Vimal is the hero … .. and as the lead Aashna Saveree plays.

Ananda Raj, Singampuli, mancuralikan, Lokesh, winner Velraj, Purna, plays the role of a police officer with the soul.

Cinematography – Kobe Jegatheeswaran

Music – Natarajan Sankaran

Songs – Viveka

Art – vairapalan

Dancing – Gandas

Stunt – Ramesh.

Editing – Dinesh

Product Overview – Subrahmanyam

Product – Sharmila manre, arcarvan

Screenplay, dialogues and direction AR. Mukesh.

We asked the director about the movie ..

Vimal Raja who worked in the pharmacy Vetrivel Singampuli extra income, however small they are bound to theft. Price invaluable material belonging to a smuggling anantaraj Wimal Singampuli be stuck with the factional group anantaraj chase them, the police officer investigating the case mancuralikan Purna chase faction. He put his hand in the store pititte them that the king of Tire Vetrivel that the chase group. He reassures the chase.

That said, we are building a mix of glamor this huyumar director AR. Mukesh.

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