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Power pandi review

Power pandi’s trailer came off as a cute trailer that sure did attract many family crowd. Did it end up creating the impact it wanted to? Read on! The film comes off as a very predictable film with a usual plot and unusual direction from a debut director. The tale as expected starts off from a grandpa who has a family and tries to fulfil all their needs giving an exception to his own life. There comes a day when he has to stop and take care of his lost dreams, his decision on his lost love and dreams make the climax. The roles have been played very beautiful and have even condensed us that they fit the role despite the colour and physical appearance. While Dhanush becomes rajkiran the cute madona Sebastian becomes the old revathi. The life on the present completes the tale. The plot has been woven and spun around beautifully. while Dhanush has underplayed his role in most of the scenes Madona had made efforts and has seemingly fit in the shoes. Not to forget rajkiran and revathy who has gracefully carried out the love of their past in the happening of the present in most charming way that would want any old man to go look for his lost love again. The direction, cinematography and editing has had a great combo and has come out well on screens. The cast is a thing that deserves a special mention. Not to forget the melodious tune of Sean roldon who has come out with unique and powerful songs like always.
Verdict: a family movie to watch out
Pros: the plot
Cons: missing uniqueness
And predictable tale makes us loose interest

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