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Rangoon Review!!

  • Release Date: June 09, 2017
  • Movie Run time: 2 hrs 6 mins
  • Censor Rating: U/A



The film begins with showcasing the natural beauty of Burma, where a boy, his sister, mother waiting, as the boy’s father is in Chennai seeking a job, and the family from Burma travel to Chennai, later boy grows up to be Gautam Karthik, Then he is seen as unemployed seeking for a job, and he finds a job with help of his friend, what happens next forms the remaining plot of the movie.

Gautam Karthik has a dusty look to appear as a slum boy in this film seems promising, This shows some difference from his previous movie ‘Muthuramalingam’  , A.R.Murugadoss assistant Rajkumar Periasamy has well handled the script, both the Burma portions as well the Chennai portions seems to be researched well and then executed.

Cinematography has played a very important role in establishing the scenes and it is perfectly handled by Anish Tharun Kumar, Actress Sana Makbul , has less screen space, looks pleasing with her expressions,music by RH Vikram works well for the plot.

Even though some may find it predictable in the first half and some may feel it dragging in the second half, but still the movie takes a leap towards the climax. Stunts seem natural as required by the plot. Dialogues add more spice to the scenes.

The only negative is that some scenes shot in green matte seems little disturbing ,could have been edited properly.

Rajkumar Periasamy seems to captivate the audience with his debut venture and this could be called as Gautam Karthik’s best work till date.

Verdict: A interesting crime thriller from a promising debutant. Rating: 3.5/5

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