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Release Of ‘Amrita Vadaku Amudha’ On March 30

“Why release the film at the time of the ban”; Rijan Suresh is the author of ‘Amutta Vadakku Amudha’

No one can easily forget the date of December 5, 2016. The Honorable former Chief Minister of the Revolution, Selvi Jayalalitha, left the soil that day. At the same time, another tragedy was accompanied by producer Rafael Sultana, who produced the film ‘Amutta Vallam Amudha’ on behalf of Ralap Productions.

Yes .. Hon’ble Jayalalithaa had been hospitalized for about 75 days before he was gone? With the hope that he will survive at this time, cinema world and weekly movies have been released as usual.

In that belief, producer Rafael Saltana was also released by Christal Studio for the production of ‘Vallentra Vadakku Amudha’ which was produced on December 2nd as they had already planned. The film was a good film for the audience and journalists of the film, which was a critical comedy film, producer and enthusiasm for the film crew.

But on December 4th, when a rumor began to spread, Mother stopped and stopped screening pictures in theaters. On December 5th, the date of Mother’s death, the public was not interested to go to the theaters next week.

In the next week, when other films started to be released, the good thing was to get out of the theaters, but for a mere three days,

On March 30th, the film will be released again in theaters.

With the striking action that will not screen new films in the film industry, we met with Rijan, the hero of this film which was actively involved in the releasing works and put our questions in front.

“Hon’ble mother has made us a strange tragedy with the late tragedy of this film. The producer happily released this film as we have prepared a beautiful, beautiful and good movie.

Director Nagarajan, I am confident that the film will be a good turning point in our cinematography. The film is good from the journalists too. Vijay Sethupathi has acted in the style of Balakumara.

But the third day, the hiding, due to the film in a week, theater leave meant .. The film was good, then the invalid note of concern to the people and the money supply, slowed to a page, jallikattu struggle, big films released the following days, the image re-release initially tried to appropriate placement Eng This film was released again in order to promote the right amaiyavillaianalum for parttuvantom date.

In this case, the Producers Association is conducting a protest against the release of new films. Our movie is not a new movie. It is impossible to earn a fair deal with a time frame, a picture that was seduced by nature.

The film is getting a dawn, so we have already tried to release this time on the idea that the producer of NO (D) will be able to recover any of his losers. The film will release in about 125 theaters on March 30th.

From the beginning of the week, students will be able to complete the exams and start a holiday, and the fans who are enthusiastic to the theaters will be released in the hope that this ‘Alagta Vadakku Amudha’ will be a good entertainer, “says Rijan Suresh.

Raghun Suresh, Arshita, Patti Mandiram Raja, Militant Thiliyan, Reshavan, Thatsyaani and many others have acted in this film Nagaraj. The filmmakers believe that the success of the film will create a new path in their film career.

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