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To Release The Film, Please Make A Film ‘SEI’ Film Crew

According to the directors of the Tamil Film Producers’ Association, the film has requested the filmmakers to release the ‘Do’ film released on November 16 without any hassles.
Produced by producer Manu Productions on Triple Turtle Productions Nakul, Anshal Munjal, Prakash Raj, Nassar, Anjali, Blaner Pereira are the other actors in this film. Rajaprabu has written and directed the story for the film.
Press Meet of ‘Sei’ is held in Chennai Prasad Label today. The film’s hero Nakul, heroine Anshal Munjal, director Rajaprabu, producer Mannu, actor blurrana pirira and actress anjali participated.
The film’s hero Nukul said, “The filmmaker’s letter has given us the letter that we can release this film on November 16th. We were also present in this promotional event where we were releasing this film in Kerala. We finished it and left for Chennai. Then we got a message. The film will release on November 16 as planned. But would have been released in the 60 or 70s instead of 150 screens. After this, the entire film crew was shocked.
We planned to release the film in March. Then we waited for the correct date because the strike took place. Then we waited for the permission of the Organizing Committee of the Tamil Film Producers Association. We decided that we would follow the rules of the association. After that, we talked to the producer club and promised that the film will be released on November 16 and will be released in 150 screens in Tamil Nadu. We focused on accepting and promoting it. Because the film’s producer is new. Director is also introduced in the Tamil film industry. Waiting to hurt anyone’s mind for that, we agreed on November 16th.
But today unexpectedly will be released on November 16th. But the contract we already had is that the film will not be released in 150 centers and Vijay Antony’s ‘Thimiru Puthiyachavan’ will be released on that date. We are shocked. As planned, do 150 screens appear? Akata? We are distressed.
We have written a letter of permission from the Tamil Film Producers Association for our film. But we are hearing that the film has not yet been released.
Vishal is the director of Tamil Film Producers’ Union and is supporting our film. We make a lovely appeal to everyone in the cinema to help us publish our film ‘Dey’ as planned. ”
Anushal Munjal, the heroine of the film, said, “The film is thriller jane, but it has got to attract all sides. I am proud to be introduced as a hero through this film. ”
Producer Manu speaks out, ‘Since I am a new producer for the Tamil film industry, Tamil Film Producers Association is supporting me. We express our gratitude to our film crew for their cooperation. With the support of the entire film industry, we are confident that ‘Do’ film will be released on November 16th.

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