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‘Sami Square’ In The Film Aishwarya Rajesh Combined

Director Gary’s movement, starring Vikram ciyan evolving ‘Sami Square’ in the film is starring Rajesh Aishwarya tirisavirku instead.
‘Sami Square’ First look of the film, the poster and the trailer was released in Motion has received great acclaim. With the support of millions of fans on the Internet today are tirentink Sami Square in anticipation for the film has now further increased.
Sami squared instead of in the film Aishwarya Rajesh tirisavirku collaborated. Actress Aishwarya Rajesh checkers red sky, the pole star in the leading directors acted in several films. More capable of acting in Tamil films in the list of actresses who could not. He realized the talent of the director Hari Sami Trisha starring role in the first part of the film, he has to act.
Director Hari, whose ciyan vikramirkum between the footage, the song has been filmed footage of the camp on several areas, including the Palani.
Suresh Keerthi in this film with Vikram, Aishwarya Rajesh Prabhu, Bobby Simha, Suri, Iman Knoll, many stars including John Vijay.
Devi Sri Prasad composed the songs of rock star formation film celebrities have begun to say right away that hittati. Draw a single film will soon, is expected to be followed by the release of the music.
This image sipu tamin on behalf tamin Films is preparing a grand scale in numerous productions.

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