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Sayaji Shinde, The Difference In Performance ‘Akori’

Sayaji Shinde, the difference in performance ‘akori’ the picture is evolving. RP Bala RP Films’ Suresh K. motion picture film. Ippatattait produced with Menon. The directing debut of film director Rajkumar DS.
The evil forces will take a akori Civanatiyar story of struggle, it is a complete entarteynt film. All ages from six to sixty are in the business aspects of the film.
Akori internationally renowned plays on the Sayaji Shinde. He not only plays the selected films, the story of its origin is willing to do everything right away. The indicator is doing very involved.
In the grand final shooting of the film Film City, Chennai
Harituvar sets up a scene filmed with 150 akorikal. And put up a huge set in a forest area of ​​200 Kerala film starring akorikal patamakiyullana views.
Computer graphics displays featuring an hour of the film in the eyes irukkumtelunk miralavaikkumpati ‘Saha’ film debut as a villain in the famous cakulla matupapu Tamil. His height 6.5 “is. Heroine Sruthi Ramakrishnan plays, he was awarded the State of Karnataka, the heroine of the film 144. Mime Kobe, Sidhu, darling matanakop the riyamika, Madhavi, Success,
Karthi, who is kalakkappo string, designer Bhavan, Pattarai trained new artists with their roles. Vasant cinematography. His ego, kallattuppakki pictures of the photographer. Recently, the famous Four music music in Kerala. It is a coalition of four composers., P. art director, producer RB Bala written word.
Flanked by M GR Film City akorikal Chennai recently participated in the filming of the actor Sayaji Shinde. In this film acting when he speaks, “Tamil Bharti picture of me compelling introduction gave. Then kunaccittiram, villain, humor, that the various roles acted in. The movie star when asked they told me the story I liked. The film I am a akori ie Civanatiyar acting as. I akoriyaic met Shot. They have received a blessing. That was akoriya acting I’m happy. This role will give its appearance and performances mentioned in my life, I hope. ” said.
The final works are in progress. ‘Akori’ August release.

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