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Senjitaley En Kadhala Review

A love story with new strand – Ezhil Durai (Director and Hero) has attended an untold type of love story in Kollywood- Beside the story, the dialogs and screenplay are innovative with the fresh aspect movie graph in comedy, love, Break up, bonding between Mom & Son and more…
Our hero who was studying in a college, lives a happy life with his family members, getting affair with his sister’s friend Madhumila, after a few days later, in a college function, both are meeting each other and they were starting to fall in love. Ezhil gets a financial issue and even depends on his father’s hand, Madhumila getting an opportunity to stand up in an election and she was getting selected during the election.

But the girl gets a relationship with another guy and protrudes to ignore Ezhil, in a situation both were Ezhil and Madhumila are getting fell apart. Now Ezhil was hitting a financial status and a young talented girl Abhinaya joins in Ezhil’s office and she started to follow him in one side love track, Watch on the screen whether the hero marrys his lovable girl or the girl who loves him?

Ezhil Durai attempts with a good hope & carried the story in a different angle proving love and the life after break up. He conveys an advice to current youngsters. The Chemistry between Hero and First Heroine is better than with the second. Songs & BGM are not catchy but it’s not an issue that hides for the reason that of interesting screen play. Abhinaya played a pivotal role in the movie.
Moreover, Senjitaley En Kadhala is Good Entertainer for Youth.

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