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Senthil Ganesh Man Fame As A Young Boy Who Plays The Song “Karimukan”

Super Singer on Vijay TV show singer singing the song as a little brother-in-law for the first prize winner Anubis Senthil Ganesh – rajalasmi couples. Tankaiya to the author of this song.

After that, the song in the film Charlie Chaplin 2 amris music … and until today 13 million viewers on YouTube kalittirukkirarkal. Famous throughout the world for this group, “karimukan” have made it through the film in the cinema .. Senthil Ganesh plays the lead heroine natikkirarkayatri the Kerala woman.

And yokiram, pavalatcumanan, Vijay Ganesh, Vincent Roy, tipasri rakacent tankaiyavum go along with the director plays a key role.

Cinematography – beauty offer

Editing – Paneer Selvam, Kesavan.

Art – Nityanand

Dancing – Shankar R.

Stunt – thriller Murugan

Product Management – Subramaniam

  1. Vimal cittiraiccelvi Productions on behalf of T., M. Selvamani, Chendur Pictures is co-produced by eskarttikeyan.

Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction are composed and wrote the lyrics tankaiya go.

Asked the director about the film …

Senthil Ganesh Rajalakshmi I and our crew performing folk songs sung all know kuluvaipparri varukiromenkal.

Senthil Ganesh nayakanakki never mind stealing already included it in the film. And then put him back when he was directing karimukan image has been famous for singing in Vijay TV.

It is the joy of our team. Never mind stealing a character in the film was played by Ganesh

In this film plays the role of Senthil.

If you want to say about the film’s story

Unknown problem with the movie is going to take two perukkul face to face and know what kind of problems that causes two people came out from the fact that they are telling the commercial comedy.

Senthil Ganesh plays electrician … is singing two songs in the film will feature four songs.

Shooting Pudukkottai, Fort pattinam, tevipattinam has been held in such places.

Karimukan said the director of the film is scheduled to go soon tankaiya preview release.

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