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Shivalinga Review

Shivalinga was one of the most expected horror film following the Kanchana sequels of Raghava Lawrence. Did it end up performing the way audience expected it to? Read on to know more on sivalingha.Shivalinga did receive a raise of eye brows after people heard the film would be by vasu who gave a block buster hit with chandramuki. Sure did make us expect and lawrence added to it.The film starts with him opening the case again of the youth who was killed. The case that closed concluding it was suicide opens again. That’s exactly when the Ritika who has been saying no all the while to her dad for wedding because her education is being cut short marries Ragahava will a cheery face.The series of incidence that follows confirms that ghost has been entering in physic of Rithika. And demands justice.The hero who has no other choice to save his love takes a chance and goes all way to find the killer. The killer who was hardly seen in the first half second half appears only in the climax connecting the dots.Raghava has fulfilled his audience expectations by being the same person who has been scared of ghost and ends up pleasing it as usual.The film over all is a mix of chandramuki and kanchana. The cast is a wonderful choice while the execution could have been better.The direction, cinematography and editing has not had a great combo. But have done a presentable job.

Verdict: film for kanchana lovers
Pros : the story line
Cons: the execution of the film
Rating :2.25/5

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