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Soon, my brother and I will act in a film – Karthi

Soon, my brother and I will act in a film – Karthi

The movie “Samkuti lingam” is produced by Karthi in the production of 2D Entertainment Direction Surya, directed by director Bandaraj. The music launch event was held in Chennai today. Actor Sivakumar, film producer actor Surya, hero Karthi, 2D Entertainment co-producer Rajasekhar Kalluru Pandian, director Pandiraj, actors Sathyaraj, Suri, Saiisha, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Banu Priya, Viji Chandrasekhar, Ponnannan, Sriman, Prince, Saravanan, Marimuthu, John Vijay, Soundararajan, composer D.Imann, Cinematographer Way Loraj, editor Ruben, fighting coach Dilip Supraayan and art director Veerasamar participated.

Karthi spoke at the ceremony: – The shopkeeper Lange starts shooting at six o’clock in the morning and can be late at night. Director Pandiraj has done everything correctly. Director Pandiraj has created 28 characters for this film. I am surprised that everything is unique. A lion is a shop where everyone working in the village will come to the village to farm. For the first time I am acting in composer Iman music. The film has good songs. I never even thought that I would do the film in the production of Surya. He has produced this film. He was happy to be in the production. We’ve worked together for the first time. I am very fond of my sister since childhood. Sister is what we ask for. If we get out of work and get tired, we will give him coffee. But brother does not expect it to be hit, says Karthi

Surya spoke at the ceremony: – Many actors have been weeping and weeping through the gilakari in the shop of Sikkim. One can only act as if only one gravity is over the film. Soon we both will work together. If we really work for a matter, it will definitely benefit us. With the story of director Pandiraj, the film is so well with the actor. Sathyaraj Mama bought me sweet candy for me and karthi at the first salary he bought when we were a child. Now we will produce the film which will be starring with Karthi starring Sathyaraj. This is the greatest gift we have ever lived.

Actor Sivakumar spoke at the ceremony: “This day will be an unforgettable day in my life. That’s why our 2D company has produced this film with Sathyaraj, the father-in-law of my children. He has acted with Karthi. Satyaraj is from the Zamani dynasty. Even so, he came to Chennai and rushed Sindhu to work hard. Sathyaraj is the first person to work hard from the Zamani dynasty. He is only one of the actors who came in the times of Sathyaraj. Satyaraj and Karthi Sathyaraj bought sweets in his first salary. Today, Suriya is making a film with him. Karthi is acting as hero. I’m really happy to be alive today. I can not be happier than this, says actor Sivakumar.

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