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Sparks fly between Director Bala and Barathiraja over “Kuttramparambarai”

Kollywood Industry always had ups and downs and little clash between the artists. Now looks like it has started among directors too.

The vetran director and actor Barathiraja and writter Rathna kumar has verbally abused director bala for gis movie”Kuttramparambarrai” they claimed thatit was their work and the director already approached shivaji ganesh and sarath kumar for the lead. To reply to their quiries director bala conducted a press meet and said just like jalliyan wala bhag incident any incident of historical importance can be remade. Looks like the director also warned barathiraja for their verbal abuse. Bala confirmed he was going to direct the movie with Aravind Swamy, Vishal, Arya, Atharva, and Rana Dagupathi in lead.


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