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I have stopped reading reviews: Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar reacts to criticism, besides what made him write and direct Uriyadi 2.

Though Uriyadi 2 was released to mixed reviews, Vijay Kumar remains confident and tells us he made a good film. Less than half an hour into the chat, the actor-director says with strangers he takes time to open up. Nevertheless, I find him at ease as we discuss Uriyadi 2, among other things.

Reviews say otherwise.

I have stopped reading reviews, and don’t take them seriously. (Laughs) Not that I am not disappointed when critics don’t like my films. But everyone who watched Uriyadi 2 is recommending it to others as if it was their own film. That’s all I need. When I visited Thoothukudi recently, I got an overwhelming response, and I saw people getting emotional. I saw them shed tears in theaters. The day I came into the industry, I decided what kind of filmmaker I wanted to be. Films that I write and direct should engage the audience both intellectually and emotionally. They should expose people to problems happening in society and make them look for actions.


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